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Banking as a Service

Making banking more user-friendly, focused on customer needs, transparent and with the provision of more choices to the customers are the corner stones of enhancing the modern banking experience. Furthermore, efficiency, cost effectiveness and security are by-products of this process and, best of all, customers are furnished with clarity over their finances, enabling them to make better informed choices.

Nuclent Core

The Nuclent platform is dynamic. It provides secure, custom- built solutions that are scalable, and it can integrate with any present legacy systems. It can be adapted to any device, allowing for innovation, whilst it is still useful for customizing every user experience, thereby meeting any customer demand, and ensuring consistency. Nuclent is built to last as it is built to be adaptable and versatile.

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Speed matters for your customers. With Nuclent, you can vastly streamline your complex onboarding & origination processes with highly accurate state-of-the-art eKYC

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Our Low-Code/No-Code approach allows Banks and Financial services to quickly adopt changes or launch new product at the shortest time without spending any development resource.


Nuclent combines the best of cloud technologies to deliver a powerful self-service platform across hybrid and multi-cloud environments, along with sophisticated and granular security and governance policies that IT and data leaders demand.


Scalability is essential in that it contributes to competitiveness, efficiency, reputation and quality. Nuclent's cloud architecture allows our services to instantly scale to serve any kind of demands

Why your bank should use

Nuclent solutions are customized to provide tailored customer experiences and reinforce enduring customer service.

Agility, scalability, and reliable infrastructure ensures that we are industry leaders. Through our platform, customers have greater choice on how to control their finances from any device of their choice and financial institutions can easily interact and collaborate with emerging FinTech players, cultivating a fertile ground for innovative products and services.

Digital Platform

Engagement Platform


Nuclent’s nGagement is the applications, tool-kits, SDK and customizable banking services that allow banks to easily create and deploy a new digital experience on mobile, tablet or web.

Ochestrator & Automation


The CORE in Nuclent stands for Central Ochestration Reactive Engine. It's is a service orchestrator and low-code application platform that enables banks to orchestrate and automate workflow, build and experiment new applications, customize existing products, add 3rd parties integrations with minimal development effort, zero downtime and super quick turn-over

Data Platform


Nuclent’s nGine is a set of pre-defined cloud architectures, tools and infrastructures that facilitate the storing and retrieving of large data set using simplified abstraction layers and user interfaces along with simple to use AI & Machine Learning toolkits.
With nGine, Nuclent delivers to financial institution the ability to gather and explore invaluable insights about their customers.

The prime advantages of embracing our digital solutions include


Ease of integration with subsisting legacy services and any third-party systems due to its adaptability and versatility.

Modern tech stack

Lower running costs due to utilizing new technology such as mobile applications and APIs.


Adaptability to any device ensuring user consistency and ease of launching innovative services and products that enhance customer experience


Instantaneous analysis of data and real time financial transactions.

A human-first digital bank

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